This is C Troop 3/4 Cav's 'C35' M48 Main Battle Tank. It was ultimately over-run by NVA in the battle at Hoc Mon and was considered to be quite operable.

C Troop had pulled back into an adjacent open field and after nightfall began to consider C35 a substantial threat.  Fortunately,  the NVA had not watched enough TV to know what to do...from the photo it appears that they could only spin in circles with it.

The next morning, Mike Vecellio (B Trp 3/17th Cav.) spotted the apparently deserted C35 and SGT O'Brien (B Trp 3/17th Cav.),  with the second team out,  fired his CAR 15 into the commander's cupola,  causing an explosion and fire.

(Courtesy: Skip Davis, Scout Pilot (OH-6) B Troop 3/17 Cav.)