Award of the Black Beret

The following is a Copy (re-typed to post) of a Letter that was Issued at a ceremony in June 1966 and then re-issued to members of Troop C on 3 February 1967.

The copy of this letter was sent to the web site By Sp/5 Jack Reed.

Thanks Jack..


                                                   TROOP C
                               3D SQUADRON 4TH CAVALRY
                                    3D BDE TF, 25TH INF DIV
                                                  APO 96355


 AVDC-C-CAV                                                                 3 February 1967

SUBJECT:   Wearing of the black Beret 

TO:                Whom it may concern


          The bearer of this letter is authorized to wear the black beret by
Colonel James A. Shanahan, Commanding Officer, 3d Brigade Task Force,
25th Infantry Division.

          The black beret, which is the ARVN armored forces official headgear,
was awarded to Troop C, 3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry, as a symbol of the
esteem and friendship which the Republic of Vietnam and itís armored
fighting forces hold for the efforts of this troop and itís participation in the
cause of freedom.


                                                            JOHN P. IRVING III
                                                            CPT                 Armor

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