Below are photos from Judy Brewer, Gary's wife. As you can tell, they are of his monuments at the grave site. Gary spent time with the US Army (Three tours in Viet Nam) and later with the Air National Guard. He was a tanker, and worked F-4's.

LTC Glenn K. Otis placed Gary in command of C Troop on 1-31-68 when Captain Virant went down, and Gary was awarded a DSC for his efforts. He was a great soldier, and good guy. He and PSG James Dean were very effective and inspirational leaders for the Third Platoon.

I hope some of you guys can put this on face book as a tribute to Gary, and perhaps Motorcycle Man John C. White could put it on the C Troop web page, of which he masters quiet well.

The email address for Judy Brewer is listed above in case anyone would like to send her a message. She is a nice, gracious lady, and dearly loved her guy, Gary, who called himself Brew Dog. Just prior to the time he crossed over, Gary, who was an orphan, discover he possessed a very strong Native American blood line, of which he was very proud.

Thank you, and special thanks to Judy for sharing this material.

Dwight W. Birdwell