My father,  SSG Michael W. Webster served with the C Troop,  2nd Plt.,  3/4 Cav,
25 Infantry from 6 May 1967 until his death on 6 February 1968.   He was a career
soldier,  and loved the Army.   I was too young to have known him,  but through
this site and the many veterans who served with him I hope to learn more
about him.   From 1985 - 1989 I was an Army Medic and X-ray Tech,  I have always
felt pride in the statement, "To conserve the fighting strength."  As a Medic
I felt a tremendous loyalty to my fellow soldiers,  I know my father felt the
same.  On the 31st of January 1968,  he was wounded and could have been
evacuated,  but he chose to stay in the fight.   I have a great respect and
admiration for the tremendous courage that all of C Troop showed in those
days of Tet and after.   Knowing the kind of troopers you all are,  I am very
proud of my father and of you.   No one could have ask to serve with a finer
Cavalry Unit as C Troop,  3/4 Cavalry.  Prepared and Loyal.

Michael W. Webster Jr.