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6. 4-7-08

My name is Wanda Sombelon, I am looking for anyone who may have know my dad, Albert Edward Sombelon.

C Troop 3/4Cav. 25INF DIV.  He died in South Vietnam on May 15th, 1966.

I would appreciate any information.  Daddy died when we were very young (8 children), we miss him today as if it were yesterday.  Am trying to know him
as a man and a friend to his brothers in the service.

Thank You,
Wanda Clary
Creative Signs, Inc.
407-293-7680 (fax)
E-Mail wanda-creativesign@cfl.rr.com


5. 4-5-2008

I am trying to locate George E. Butler, he served in C-Troop, 3/4 Cav, and took part in the rescue of my platoon that was ambushed on 3 Jul 66. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions that day. He saved my Company Commanders life, Cpt Rusty Scheewe.

If you know where he is please pass my contact info on to him.

My name is Marshall Jackson.
Phone # 803-286-0116
E-mail, marshall179@webtv.net.

Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Marshall Jackson. served in B-1-35 infantry, 3rd Bde, 25th Inf Div, in Pleiku, Vietnam, 65/66.


4. 4-14-2007

April 14th 2007
12:13:09 AM
What is your name?  

John Brasher
How did you find this Web Site?  

Looking for info on uncle KIA in 1968

Where are you from?  

Birmingham, Al

Do you have any comments?  

Looking for any pictures, recollections or information on Edward Benjamin Lennard KIA APR 1968. We know very little about him or how he died. Thank you very much for any assistance.


WebMaster Note:   Lennard, Benjamin E  Sp4  KIA 14 Apr 1968

3. 2-10-2007

I'm looking for any "buddy" states on SPEC4 John Rourke, C Troop, 3/4 Cav being wounded in action while in RVN also any and all information on combat situations John was involved in.
He was a friend of my childhood and is now about to go into an appeal status with the USDVA.
Thanks brothers.
James W. Doran
CWO4, USN (Ret)
National Service Director



Barry Lewis was one of forty men from Clermont County, Ohio (east of Cincinnati) who was killed in Vietnam.  Three years ago the traveling Vietnam Memorial came to Clermont County.  I was asked to speak at the dedication ceremony (I teach American history and Government at a local college). The title of my remarks was "Three Names on the Wall", profiling three men from Clermont who were killed in the war.  I was so moved by the experience that I decided to write a book about all of the men.  The title of the book is "Beyond The Names".  Its purpose is to chronicle the life and deaths of the men and the impact their lives had on those who knew them.  I would love to correspond with the men who knew him in Vietnam, and would be greatly appreciative if you could forward this Email onto some of your comrades who knew Barry and post it on the association's website.  Photos of Barry would also appreciated.
Again thank you so much for your help.
Gary Knepp  :E-Mail  to: celtic@cinci.rr.com



I have a picture of a earth mover from the 554th engineer bn co c that was hit by a rpg and the operator kia. he was driving into a vc force that was firing on apc from  c troop 3/4 cav between cu chi and trang bang. Would like any information from c troop 3/4 cav on this fire fight. also have picture of site where we were attacked by enemy  between trang bang and cu chi while clearing a laterite pit. 10 to 12 apc came to our rescue from fsb Stuart would like any info from 3/4 cav on this incident.

sincerely sp4 clark co c 554th engr bn cu chi 1968-69.   E-mail to  clark.dianne@sbcglobal.net