Retyped Copy of the Original


PRIORITY                 CO 3D SQDN, 4TH CAV, 25TH INF DIV

                                    CG 25TH INF DIV

CONFIDENTIAL          FROM: S3           TO: G3              MFR:           SELF
SUBJECT: (C) SITREP No. 213  For 231800 - 241800 Oct 1969

          A Troop:  Depart Cu Chi Base Camp at 241500 hrs. At 241735
Oct, closed in NOP FSB Hampton.

          B Troop:  NOP XT525328. At 232135 Oct, in NOP, radar sight-                    Cleared for
ed movement on 375 mills AZ, range 150 meters.  Engaged with                           Release By:
Arty and mortars.  Results unknown.  At 241135 Oct, XT524324
found 2 Chi Com hand grenades in a hole.  BIP. At 241530 Oct,
XT520330 found one 100 lb bag of unpolished rice, and 1 case of
AK ammo.  At 241740 Oct, closed in NOP XT529329.

          C Troop:  NOP FSB Hampton.  At 240715 Oct, departed NOP FSB
Hampton to begin road.  At 241000 Oct, 1st Plt XT480295, 3rd Plt
XT469243.  AT 241211 Oct, 1st Plt XT492294, 3rd Plt XT463243.
At 241523 Oct, 2nd Plt reacting to 2/12th contact vic XT568305.
At 241524 Oct, 1st and 3rd Plts at CP 140.  At 241740 Oct, XT-                             JOHN T. WELLS
554305 2nd Plt in contact.  At 241800 Oct, 1st and 3rd Plts en-                             CPT, ARMOR
tering Cu Chi Base Camp for maintenance stand down.  At 241800                     S3
Oct,  2nd Plt still in contact.

          D Troop:  OPCON to 25th Avn Bn.  Conduct dawn and dusk patrol.
Maintained status to support Rangers and Operation Pizza.  Pro-
vided LST to 2nd and 3rd Bdes.  Conducted Cruise and Kill,  Psycho
Killer and Nighthawk as directed.

          HHT:  Provided logistical and administrative support for line                    24            1800 
troops;  Provided security at FSB Hampton.                                                           Oct          1969


JOHN T. WELLS                                                     L. KIRKLAND ALFORD
CPT, ARMOR                                                          CPT, ARMOR
S3                                                                               Adjutant


                                                                                  Downgraded At 3 Year Intervals;
                                                                                        Declassified After 12 Years
                                                                                                    DOR DIR 5200.10