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Charles Crosby
2019-03-15 11:44:57
Charles Crosby, they called me "bing boy". I was the driver of track 32, wounded May 10,1969 in the BoiLoc Woods.
Jeff Stovern
2019-02-21 19:56:42

Subject: 3/4 Cavalry

Hoping to find someone who served with my dad, Barry L. Stovern, in Vietnam.
He was SP4 TroopC 3/4cav 25th Inf. from April 1966 to January 1967. On the
3rd of Jan, 1967, he was wounded in action from enemy mortar fire. Would
mean the world to me if someone could email me back with any information. My
dad died in 1985 in a trucking accident. I was 14years old. My brothers were
8,16. Thank you very much.

2019-01-08 20:00:13
I am really glad I found this website! My grandmother's brother was Claude Paul Miller, he was a PFC from Saraland, Alabama. He died on July, 10 1967. I was wondering if anyone remembers or knew him and if so to please contact me as I would love to know more about him and his service in Vietnam.
Ronald Beach
2019-01-06 12:10:41
I have been trying to find out information about the early deployment of C Troop, 3/4 Cavalry from Hawaii to Vietnam. I was a member of the troop, a SSG at the time and the Radar Team Leader. If anyone remembers one Bridgade, the 3rd from the 25th along with C Troop were being deployed together. We went by ship ( the Sultan) which hit a coral reef in the Okinawa Harbor and from what I heard cut a 200 or so foot in the boat. We were evacuated into LST and brought into Okinawa. There were drew M48 Tanks (we had M41s in Hawaii) then left the island aboard the USNS Summit County (I think that was the name of the LST) Our LST ran convoy with another ship all the way to Quinon (SP) Harbor where we down-loaded and road marched over Mang Yang Pass (spelling) into Plieku. It was a harrowing road march, one in the base camp at Plieku we set up our tents. I spent time with my radar section on the perimeter. We had many missions but the one that sticks in my mind the most was our trip into the Idrang Valley. We had to plow our own road, with helicopters overhead, our mission was to provide security for an Artillery Unit in the valley. Some one from the troop took a C Rations box and wrote 3/ Horse Trail and posted it on a tree. The deployment of C Troop to Pleiku seems to be forgotten. I was there from 1966 - 1967. Later I went from the Radar section to a scout leader. Again I cannot find anything about those times anywhere. Later, before I left they wanted to melt us (C troop) into the 4th Infantry Division and change our patches, something I never did.
SSG Aaron B Ryan
2018-12-04 22:46:34
To all Charlie from 1969. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
James Pinto
2018-11-04 18:53:09
Doc Oliver Jones passed
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