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About Us.

This site is dedicated to the members of Charlie Troop 3rd Sqdn 4th Cav. that served in Viet Nam from Dec 1965 thru Dec 1970 and to their families.

Over the years I have lost or misplaced what pictures I had of my time in RVN.  As a result I have little to pass on to my children and grand children.  Its always nice to see pictures and read articles in books about the different Units in Vietnam. However, they were always of someone else's Unit, Pictures and Stories.

Therefore I have setup this Web Site for all of us C Troop Soldiers to have a place to share our stories and pictures.  This site is for the entire time that C Troop was in county.

There is a Guestbook on this site. please use it.  It also serves as a message center.  So if you are looking for someone or have information to share please post it in the Guestbook.

If you have not joined the 3/4 Cav Association, please do so!  Your dues pay the cost to publish our newsletter. Over 1,000 newsletters are mailed out, but only 350 recipients are dues paying members. Please help us keep the 3/4 Cav Association viable and able to serve you and those who follow! You should send your dues ($10 Annual/$75 Life) payable to 3/4 CAV Chapter, P.O. Box 23678, Lexington KY 40523-3678.

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Schofield Memorial Monument

We have all our Bricks - Thanks for the Help



The New Knights by Henry Sandhusen
Available at www.politics-prose.com

A Hundred Miles of Bad Road
by Dwight W. Birdwell / Keith Nolan


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C Troop - 2010 Reunion - Tucson, Az.

Front Row: Richard Thomas, Cpt Michael Jackson, Randell Krump, Russell Gearhart, John Rourke, Larry Worzella
2nd Row: Cpt Willian Shaffer, Ted Hardies, Steve Porter, Relph Ball, Mike Null, John White
3rd Row: Steve Uram, Andy Giordano, Harry Schreyvogel, Mike Christie
Back Row: Richard Marzo, Russell Boehm, Richard Larcom, David Stewart, Danny Chrisler, Dennis Carpenter, Frank Cuff




The 3/4 Squadron
2010 Reunion

3/4 Cavalry Reunion - September, 2018 - Colorado Springs, Co. 

Reunion Attendance Information
If you have photos or short stories about C Troop, share them here.  It will be important for me to receive; Names, Ranks, Dates of Service and if possible copies of photos in GIF, BMP or JPG format.  Please send by E-Mail or Send regular mail to the Webmaster (Click Webmaster for Address).

Acknowledgments go to the 25th IDA for their MAP Links & 3/4 CAV Association for providing the casualty list for C Troop.

The posting by the Webmaster of any material submitted by others does not necessarily constitute an endorsement or approval of such items, nor does it reflect agreement and/or endorsement of the views and opinions expressed in such items.
Materials submitted for posting should not attack, defame or slander any person or group.  Materials which do so will be rejected or removed.
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