Daily staff Journal or Duty Officers' Log

C trp 3d Sqdn, 4th Cav was OpCon to Hq 1st Bn 35th Inf
3d Bde 25th Inf Div

YA865133 - 0001 3 Jul 66 to 2400 3 Jul 66

0001 Log Opened
0005 B Co has est enemy plt under arty fire at 813157, Bn CO has informed him to keep us posted
0010  B Co reported they have lost enemy contact, B Co believed they moved to the W from his loc
0040 Sit rep neg
0045 Bde S3 called to ask about the possibility of ammo malfunction causing the 4.2 short rd to fall on OP 8 at 002010 answer given by Capt LaFond was slight possibility but very unlikely
0128 B Co has failed to est new contact w/enemy
0130  Sit rep neg
0210 B Co OP's have been reestablished
0230 Sit rep neg
0330 Sit rep neg
0437 B Co reports incoming artyllery close to OP 13 report checked out through arty
0430 Sit rep neg
0530 Sit rep neg
0700 B Co report 830157 where enemy was spotted last night.  7 enemy wearing black PJ with paks & carring wpns  B Co 1st plt elem has moved the search area

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0825 B Co 3d plt will be working the S boundry Bn Co gave permission for B Co to cross into A Co AO but would inform Bn before crossing
0900 PO AI 8802 has been changed to AK 8 04
0920 3/4 Cav 1st plt loc 845100
0924 B Co 1st plt loc 801219 2nd plt loc 820140
0925 A Co has 1 elem from AK u 7.6 R 1.4
1000 Stk plt is moving out at this time, they will be between 300-500 meters out
1020 B Co elem that are moving, 1st plt 800219, 3d plt 805145
1030 B Co 3d plt enemy contact at 826127 believed to be a sniper, details to follow
1159 Item 29, plt from B Co receiving mortar fire, unit has 2 WIA personnel at 826127, enemy engage4d by arty fire
1215 Stk plt to LZ 27D
1245 C Trp & stk plt moving to a psn to rear of activity
1300 Neg commo w/B Co
1320 C Co has radio contact with C Co, B Co 1st plt is loaded on 3/4 Cav elem and proceeding to battle area
1410 S3 is airborne has loc B Co and is calling in arty fire mission for planned contact

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1425 B Co elem called for more fire of arty B Co is getting close to the elem in contact Bn S3 and arty LO are controlling fire
1429 B Co relief elem has linked up with 1 of elem in contact there is still no contact with other B Co elems in contact
1445 Radio contact reestablished B Co elem, physical contact with this elem has not been made as yet.  S3 instr 3/4 Cav elem to hold in place their loc is 850137
1450 Bn Co request FAC to make VR in vic 8015 and SW to 8111 the loc grid line is open. cord with A Co before firing
Bn Co instr to B Co report on friendly and enemy CIA reestablished security on area and assume his mission and be established before this message sent to S3 for relay to B Co.
1528 H&I fires to be fired by 81mm & 155 along 18 grid line to 12 grid line along within 600 to 800 meters of Red line
1525 Dust off for 3 personnel 820148 B Co
1600 Capt LaFond has taken Cmd of B Co
2135 Info B Co that he was getting a elem from 1/14 and what he was to establish OP line

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2140 B Co CO requested H-23 for C&C for 1st light
2145 Sit rep neg
2140 Bde called and confirm C&C for tomorrow
2200 VR report from Bde that a unk number of enemy at 8900
2240 Sit rep neg
2215 1/14 elem has closed in B Co area, which is LZ 27U
2230 Maj D has contacted B&A Co on plans for tomorrow
2230 Sit rep neg
2400 log closed                 SUMMARY
B Co reported an enemy night recon patrol. Size of enemy force was 7 men dressed in black with pks & wpns, AB&C Co conducted patrols in AO reported an accident 40rd burst from 3/4 Cav B Co had 2 sqd size patrols vic of 826127.  1 of these patrols was brought under sniper fire, the mortar fire, and finally was surrounded.  Other ptrl was called to assist and also was surrounded but managed to fight their way out. Elem of B Co and 3/4 Cav moved to relieve these patrols from LZ 27U.  Stk plt and elem of 3/4 Cav moved to hold returned to LZ 27D.  Since the enemyhad broken contact Bn CO,S3 stk & elem of 3/4 Cav returned to LZ 27D.  The enemy was then engaged by arty directed by Bn Co and USAF fighter acft directed by FAC.  Stk plt withdrew from the battle area bringing out all their WIA, results of casualties B 1/35 17 KIA 25 WIA, HHC 1/35 2 KIA, 3/4 Cav 5 WIA.

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Marshall Jackson

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