Daily staff Journal or Duty Officers' Log

3d Sqdn, 4th Cav

XT654145 - 0001 6 Feb 68 to 2400 6 Feb 68


SA sitrep, no change

0149 SA sitrep, no change
0235 From ADAO - scramble flarship to XT4608 and contact FM6 or KM11 (42.00fm)
0243 From ADAO - scramble LET to XT463087 to assist KM6 at Bao Tri
0300 SA sitrep, no change
0329 Cen gunteam and flareship back in corral
0355 SA sitrep, no change
0400 SA sitrep, no change
0515 SA & S33 given correct time
0530 Weather report for 6 Feb obtained and posted
0532 From ADAO send gunship and flareship to Boa Tri(Ref #4&5) Kind Month 6 still in contact
0603 SA stand to complete
0635 SA10 SP with 2 tanks, 4 PCs, 27EM, 1OFF
0700 Cen37 dawn patrol airborne
0712 AAE released flareship
0715 SA10 CP 2 and 5 waiting for fog to lift
0745 Dawn patrol CP8
0750   (A)C37 (B)2 rdblocks (C) XT657112 (D) Palm trees in road
0750 (A) C37 (B) roadblock (C) XT673100 (D) grass, dirt, 3/4 road impassable
0750 (A) C37 (B) roadblock (C) XT621130 (D) 150M of dirt across road (XT585159 dirt road)
0750 (A) XT562166 (B) roadblock (C) XT562166 (D) trees across road, 25 meters apart
0750 (A) roadblocks (B) XT570160 hole in road 8'X10' across road (A) XT548174 (B) road blown across hole 5' deep and 5' wide (A)C37(B)road blocks (C)CP 8 (D) trees and dirt across road

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0815 road cleared to 174 (Dawn Patrol)
0820 road cleared to 179 (Dawn Patrol)
0827 SA10 found a booby trap mine in roadblock, will blow in place
1210 XT664243 commo wire across road XT662239 spider hole and tunnel entrances XT650233 bunker 6x6x6 in good shape XT638228 hooch in good shape XT637224 81mm mortar cases(20) in center of mass XT637210 4 APC dest; 1 50 Cal still on veh burned up possible good parts left - surrounded by trenches and tunnel; rocket atea 10-15 tubes round brown 8" around 5-6 feet long XT685245 hootches in the area 2 new trenches - 2 filled with dirt
1240 A10 CP 22 with engr elements
1253 A10 CP 21
1300 A10 East of builtup CP 28
1307 Silani Edward Sp/5 (Frag wounds face) Kirkpatrick Carl SSG (Frag wounds Leg) in 12th EVAC not C Trp
1330 A10 CP 28 repair hole
1346 A10 CP 8 approx 30 min to repair
1414 From Maj Delouch scramble fire team to XT684095 contact Falcon 6 50.60
1420 S33 request dustoff at S61 location
1455 ship XT66709 down with hydrolic line in AO EARP no casualties may fly it out. Ship is secured maintenance on location.
1500 S33 request dustoff for KIA XT757037
1505 SA SP CP 178
1507 SA lead of Corn CP 2
1525 Cent dustoff for KIA airborne
1535 dustoff complete

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1540 SA lead CP 31 trail CP 5
1605 A10 CP 28
1615 SA lead CP 21
1640 From S6 17 WIA from C Trp 6 KIA SC; 3 KIA SB 1 WIA SB
1700 A30 and HQ CP 8
1701  A20 and Corn Main Gate
1702 From Cpt Wells convoy to Saigon will not go
1706 A30 CP 28
1715 A30 and HQ CP 21
1735 A30 and HQ CP 22
1740  S33 directed to Ton Son Nhut by S6
1750 SA30 and HQ entering Main Gate 
1753 SA30 and HQ in Motor Pool request permission to leave net, rog
1817 dustoff complete for 2 from SB
1830 Dusk patrol returned from 179 neg report; perimeter patrol covered quadrant 4 to quadrant 1 couldn't cover
1845 S33 closed at Ton Son Nhut
1910 S6 reports laager located XT795025
2020 Class I has not departed this location for SB & SC
2036 Resupply ship airborne this time
2040 S6 req Class I and V plus water be brought in at first light
2045 I form S6 that S10 is working on clearing Saber freq
2150 From G2 Sgt Julian: CCSS agent: 6 Feb VC have told people of CC from MOI Lon, Bao Tri to store rice and dig bunkers because CC SS and Base Camp would be attacked uneval:

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2150 Bao Tri - CC SS will be attacked the night of Feb 6 VC will ambush relief force; 2045H CC SS received 82mm mortar and SA sniperfire; US special forces reported 1630 2 VC CO 269 Bn located XS635976 armed with 6 RPG-2; 2-81mm mortar and 2 60mm mortar intend to attack Duc Hoa tonight
2210 From Tropic: heavy arty warning XT627336 center of mass TOT 2230H
2300 Mission for Saber tomorrow: (A) Be prepared to escort a convoy from CuChi to Ton Son Nhut (B) also be prepared to escort a convoy from Ton Son Nhut to CuChi
2400  Closed

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