Daily staff Journal or Duty Officers' Log

3d Sqdn, 4th Cav

XT654145 - 0001 7 Feb 68 to 2400 7 Feb 68

0103 From AAE due to critical shortage of AVN fuel only gunships will refuel at CuChi, all others go elsewhere
0125 Mortar alert sounded
0128 all troops, SA, SB, SC, D Trp, HHT, LRRP in bunkers and accounted for
0200 all clear given by Lobo TOC, SA, SB, SC, D Trp, HHT, LRRP
0205 neg hits, damage or casualties to any Saber areas or personnel, no aircraft damaged
0530 obtained correct time from Tropic; passed on to troops
0545 Current aircraft availability posted
0705  resupply on way first 3 loads external 4th internal
0737 Dawn patrol airborne
0753 Mission from Tropic to escort convoy at Gate 051 720MP's take from there to CC
0800 Cen36 0740 2 rdblocks of brush and logs across road XT622128; 0743 2 roadblocks XT564156 brush piles 2 ft high 20 bales of hay; 0745 holes in road XT5492 592178 8x5x6 feet deep with water in; 0747 2 holes in road XT380278 5 to 6 deep 6x8 long
0812 Cen36 2 rd blocks XT363314; 0755 small pices of wood 2' high; hole in road XT356330 0800H; hole completely across road 5x6 deep 8 wide
LFT scrambled to BlackHawk 3 2518 to HocMon
0855 Cen36 roadblock XT282363 small wood 2' high
0930 Cen43 elig male evading XT615628 0930H possible weapon and web gear - hid in hole black PJ's, civ pop moving out of area, continued to observe
0943 SA elements permission to enter net
1010 SA10 and 20 HQ 20 SP MP
1015 From Tropic33 move convoy

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1025 SA6 req FAC and gun team when approach CP22 gun team on SA command Freq
1043 Corn SP this time
1046 Cen30 enroute to SB & SC loc with resupply of water
1053 lead corn CP22
1100 A10 OP XT698090-668103
1101 Cen43 poss VC Base Camp XT6102 grid sq 30-40 small holes and a few L shaped trenches recently used many trails in area, continued mission
1105 Cen43 roadblock XT617118 hooch in road trench across road, ARVN and civilian at scene
1106 lead corn CP K
1118 A30 trail Main Gate SP this time
1120 SH 5 cleared Main Gate
1121 SA20 OP XT739033 XT744026
1130 Trail corn CP22
1135 lead CP L veh count 225
1140 Trail cleared CP K
1151 Corn lead CP 162
1155 Trail lead CP D
1200 Lead 051 Gate trail CP E
1215 SA10 cleared CP E
1235 convoy close gate 051
1305 SA65: SA6 tried every freq on his prc25, neg results with HQ elements
1307 S3 on his way to SA6 loc to coor return of Fords
1320 SC lead 20 EM, 2 Buicks, 1 PC, 1 21/2T 2 trailers

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1350 SB65 requested dustoff for 1 man with belle wound
1352 dustoff airborne
1405 mission from ADAO thru G3 to provide security for convoy
1420 ADAO - fire team scrambled XT747117, contact fresh carcass 36 on 51.10 Initially cover 2 US MEDEVAC, receive further instructions from FC36, be prepared convoy cover
1453 1530H deadline of movement of convoy from DTOC
1455 there will be 3 friendly units, 1 vic CP D and 1 coming down from CP 22
1500 SA6: will SP here 1530
1505  SA30 elem and sheriff elem and 4 veh departed gate 055 enroute to CP 162
1535 SA10 SP gate 051 with 3 lowboys VTR and two down Buicks also 4 veh (wheels)
1600 SA10 CP 162 SA30 CP 162 SA20 SP
1615 SA elem cleared gate 051
1630 SB6 to S6 16 body count 1 PW
1705 SA6 convoy Hoc Mon Bridge
1717 SA convoy lead CP D
1721 S6 requested dustoff for one man wounded seriously by sniper fire
1725 SA convoy trail CP D
1737 last light patrol airborne
1740 MSR clear from CP 22 to CP 21
1741 Last light patrol reports unusually heavy amount civ traffic heading North: MSR clear CP 31
1743 SA clear CP 22
1747 SB dustoff  changed to KIA
1748 MSR clear from CP 31 to CP 171

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1752 SA receiving sniper fire at Main Gate
1754 Cen37 reports hole in road 3'x5' XT381278 road is passable
1804 SA trail closed Main Gate
1806 From G3 Plans (Sgt Turpin) AO SADDLE is canceled as of 07-1800H
1807 MSR clear to Tay Ninh
1840 From Tropic SA tasked with Base Camp Reaction Force for 07 Feb.
1905 From DTOC send gun team to Saber CP
1907 Cen36 spotted possible mortar positions XT614195 - 6 well camouflaged holes; Tropic permission to destroy 
1911 SC tank hit mine, 1 US WIA no other information as of now
1916 SC in contact
1922 From DTOC have flareship on immediate standby for convoy from GDH and resupply for Keller & S
1923 Saber CP located XT725993
2030 ADAO request flareship go up to assist Mohawk
2040 From G2; 1 VC Bn XT495105; 1 VC Bn XT545163, 1 VC Bn XT553085 pos elem at XT537069 & XT534068, 1 VC Co XT503025 ARVN firing artillery
2205 From G3 A Trp will perform preventive maintenance tomorrow, will be on 30min reaction force
2336 flareship scrambled to support Flame (2/12) at XT698114 contact Flame3 38.10FM
2358 flareship airborne
2400 Closed

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