Daily staff Journal or Duty Officers' Log

3d Sqdn, 4th Cav

XT654145 - 0001 10 Feb 68 to 2400 10 Feb 68

0025 SH6X: sitrep, no change
0045 Muleskinner 024 enroute this location for pickup
0055 SA65, SH6X, SB65,S6X, nep sitrep, neg contact with SC on either Saber or SC pushes
0100 Muleskinner 024 completed pickup
0125 SH6X: sitrep, no change
0145 SC65: sitrep, no change
0150 Muleskinners load dropped at SB location approx 0130H
0151 SH6X: sitrep, no change
0158 SB sitrep, no change SA sitrep, no change
0200 SH, SA, SB, SC, sitrep, no change
0235 informed Cen to have slick at this loc 0645H to pickup Class I for SB then to this loc
0255 SA, SB, SC, SH, sitrep, no change
0357 SA, SB, SC, SH, sitrep, no change
0450 SB LP out of position
0455 SA sitrep, no change SB sitrep, no change LP inside perimeter
0457 Sitrep to Flex33
0500 SC's standto complete
0515 sitrep neg SR
0545 To SA65 upon departure SC your will shift to cover perimeter
0555 SB sitrep, no change
0556 message for SC6; status for departure 5 OFF, 79EM, 3 Buick, 13 APC's 1 106
0600 SH6X: neg sitrep, standby complete not used
0605 msg for SA65 standto complete LP's 1-2&3 returned to perimeter

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0605 msg from SB65 standto complete; msg to Flex33: standto complete
0607 msg from SC6 elements on move
0610 msg from S6 relayed thru SB65 SC elements on move at this time
0611 msg from Flex33; SC elements on the move at thisw time
0640 msg from Flex33; request number of Hotel X-rays friendly our supporting unit during night; none
0624 SA6 and SH6 notified to come to this location XS735933
0625 Cen aircraft availability: 23-1, C-1, D-3
0630 msg from SC6: at XT731955 waiting for ARVNs to clear, were from road
0640 msg from Centaur36, inbound to CP, ETA 10 min
0645 msg from Centaur36 CP 03
0650 Cen36 departed this loc for SB
0700 SC lead made turn at old CP Zulu
0712 SB need 320-5 gal can of MO Gas
0724  SC at inter of MSR 7 and White Top
0730 S61 will be on Muleskinner
0737 SC at Hoc Mon
0758 SC married up with SB10
0815 to Flex SA crossing LD
0820 SC had RPG fired at it
0845 S65 C&C ship down for repair; check at 0900
0925 SC closed assembly area
0940 SA loc from S R0.7 D2.0 negative results
0941 Entire Cheese10 requested to make liaison with Saber3

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0945 S6 1000H bomb air warning
1001 Issue 32 bomb run this time (active)
1031 SA cross PL St Louis
1055 SA XS731963 1 detainee Entire Cheese will process due to area of responsibility
1100 Flex33 any intel obtained send to Flex2 coordinated with Entire Cheese LN NCO
1125 Saber elem moving to LD
1140 SA status of detainee at XS731963 is 2 instead of 1 also identified as VC verified by documents
1150 Saber and Mustang elements moving across LD
1230 S8Y req a pack sling so they can pull a pack relayed to S44
1240 SA loc from S R2.2 D1.3 neg contact
1241 Cen37 landed this loc with S3
1300 from Mustang in contact XT763047 to Flex
1317 SB elements in contact? RPG 2 fire
1340 Intel net changed to 73.80 Rainy Towels
1350 SA location from Zulu U1.8 L1.5
1430 S6 req dustoff for 4 WIA Amb XT760053
1452 S6 informed SB Mustang A&D6 to stay down and cover for airstrike coming in
1457 SA from Zulu L0.7 U0.3 neg contact
1458 airstrike coming in this time
1600 SH6 notified of meeting at 1700
1759 S6 dustoff 4 WIA 2 KIA
1810  Flex33 to S6; do not move till checked with Flex6
1814 Saber elem low in main gun ammo

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1824 Flex6 to S6 hold what you have
1827 Cen17 SB taking automatic fire XT596143 what appears to be ARVN solders either putting in mine or removing
1832 Saber B and Mustang A prepare for airstrike
1837 SB5, MA6, MD6; after airstrike over start withdrawal wounded and litter on PC till contact broken, SB5 and MA6 withdrawal first and set up position, MD6 withdrawal thru SB5 and MA6, execute on order of S6
1847 1 tank, 2 PC at CP E, hold till tomorrow
1848 S6 execute withdrawal
1850 S6; prepare maximum resupply to old SB laager; Class I maximum Class V, water, sundary packs and C-rations for tomorrow
1903 S6 securing PL for Mustang
1904 Flex3 secure LZ and move to Trojan Laager position
1906 Trojan Laager from A R1.2 D0,2; S6 needs 250 gallons MO gas
1918 Flex3 need complete casuality report by 1920H
1930 SC6 1 KIA, 5 WIA
1945 S6 confirmed that SC and SB will be with Trojan
1950 S; gave location of Trojan laager XT802048 to S65
1951 SC22 and SC24 this location
1956 SH sitrep, no change
2000 Sitrep no change to Flex33; confirmation for S6 dustoff complete
2020 SC status by S6 3 tanks 11 PC
2042 Killer56 is to contact Killer9 (FMS65)
2048 SH sitrep, no change
2054 SB 6 WIA today

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2056 SA sitrep, no change
2100 sitrep, no change to Flex
2119 MS013 delivering water trailer to S6 at Trojan loc; find out what his del is
2140 Intel report from Rainy Towel10X VC will attack Saigon area from N&S with equilivent force of 2 Div. 1 from N thru GoVap 1 from S thru ChoLan, will wear red arm bands and force civilians to waer same US F-4 no time given
2155 SA sitrep, no change
2200 Bobcat night location XS773993 pickup Saber guide XS764994
2230 2 indiv from C go to XS773993 @ 9400
2305 sitrep, no change
2358 sitrep, no change
2400 SA go to night blocking position XS7597
2400 closed

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