Daily staff Journal or Duty Officers' Log

3d Sqdn, 4th Cav

XT654145 - 0001 13 Feb 68 to 2400 13 Feb 68


SA LP's XT743980 - 744983 - 745983

0039 From S65 thru SA65: CCBC under mortar attack
0045 Attempted to call Mustang - neg. results
0047 Late entry: at 0030 SA6 gave Flex 33 a full report on loss of SA30 track which was OPCON to Mustang A during yesterdays operations.
0050 SA5 reports all Saber personnel still under cover and accounted for, no damage to Saber area.
0100 Saber elements sitrep, no change
0200 Saber elements sitrep, no change
0300 Saber elements sitrep, no change
0305 Flex 33 req. to know specifically mission assigned to SA, B & C in todays operation - Given
0400 Saber elements sitrep, no change
0448 Obtained correct time from Flex 33
0500 Saber elements sitrep, no change, SA, SB, SC given correct time, neg. contact with SH
0602 SH stand to completed, SC & SA, SB Saber elements stand  to complete
0640 Obtained aircraft availability report from Centaur
0655 Permission denied to fire into Grid 7393 by Tropic 6
0730 SC SP now - 3 Off, 37 EM, 7 Fords, 1 Buick
0737 SA status - 4 Off, 72 EM, 3 Buicks 12 Fords, 1 M106; SB status 4 Off, 54 EM, 2 B, 11 F SP0740
0840 Received permission to move water vehicles to Ton Son Nhut from Flex
0853 Saber elements moving into objective area
0856 To Flex 33: All Saber elem. moving to objective
0941 To Flex 33: will be off net approx 3 min.
1002 SA & SB reports hedge rows clear in area - S6 feels this indicates a lack of VC in area

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1035 SA clearing roadblocks vic 7300 along highway, found VC leaflets - will evacuate
1200 SB & SC finished in 1st obj will move to obj B & C 2 and hold till A gets there.
1305 Saber elements starting 2n mission in B2 and C2
1306 From G3 at 1400 heavy arty in XT828064 XT8 26073 XT839076 XT842061
1340 SC6 located from "C" L1.8 D2.0 neg. contact women and children in area, eligible males
1344 SC located from "C" L1.3 D2.0
1345 SA blocking from "C" L1.5 D4.0
1352 SC6 moving down candy strip
1357 SA 1st block from "S" U4.6 R.8 to U4.1 R1.1 2d from "S" U3.7 to U3.2 R1.6
1400 SC located from "C" L1.4 D2.1
1410 SB6 moving to B3 area
1420 SB6 sweeping in B3 area, SB6 from "W" L0.8 U1.1 picked up 1 detainee, no ID card, has shrapnel in leg, will send to Flex on 1st avail aircraft
1507 SC starting to sweep C3
1530 SB30 has detainee loc from "W" L1.0
1550 SB6 completed sweep, will return to night loc refuel and maintenance.
1555 SC6 has one detainee, ID doesn't match and has bullet hole in him, will bring back this loc
1600 neg on detainee, ARVN with old wound
1604 SC6 departing area of operation, returning to this loc, SA6 will follow behind
1605 SB turned detainee loose, wife brought ID card and it checked out.
1615 SB6 closed AA
1630 SC- and SA- closed AA
1800 Bobcat cannot return out two men tonight.  Their loc is from "C" L1.2 U1.0, contacted Centaur

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1820 Cen to pictup the two indiv at Bobcat loc
1900 Sitrep, no change to Flex33
1936 Cen picked up the 2 C Trp indiv and bringing them to CP
1958 S33Y by observation - ground fire towards aircraft vic NW of CP
2000 Sitrep, no change to Flex 33
2003 SC6 stand to 0600
2012 informed Flex, neg Saber AP's tonight. Informed S4 of SH & SC move to CC tomorrow
2050 SC sitrep, no change. SH sitrep, no change
2100 Sitrep no change to Flex 33
2110 SA be ready to depart CP at BMNT and report to Warrior at bridge. SC to depart CP BMNT to TSN and escort convoy to Cu Chi
2112 ROK AP's the area XS736925 and XS757951
2120 From RT10X 131100 - 40VC at XS690963 131200 15VC XT714002 (F-3 ARVN) 131000 60VC XT680002 (F-3 ARVN) 130800 100VC XS663968 (B-3 ARVN)
2156 SC sitrep, no change, SH, SB, SA
2200 Sitrep, no change to Flex 33
2225 From Warrior 3: A Trp OPCON 0500 14 Feb - want SA in position 0645 and will employ at 0720 SA come up on Mohawk push upon SP - Mohawk Romeo 6 come up on Saber push when SP with corn - SP depends on Warrior tactical operations in area vic CP D
2235 SC stand to 0430H; SB stand to at 0600
2240 SA & SC sitrep, no change
2242 SA to pick up Mohawk at XT680098
2245 To Cen65 - 14 Feb 0500 comes under Saber command: C&C ship to this loc at first light

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2248 SH stand to 0430
2250 SB sitrep, no change
2253 Mohawk Romeo 6 and Falcon A6 SP with corn at 0630 at gate 051 TSN
2310 SA stand to 0415 SP 0630H SA16 OPCON to SC: SA mess to go with SH
2315 Sitrep, no change to Flex 33
2335 SA, SB, SH sitrep, no change
2350 SC sitrep, no change
2352 Sitrep, no change to Flex33
2400 Closed

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