Mackenzie's Raiders

(Division Reconnaissance)

Arrived Vietnam: 24 March 1966

  (Note: C Trp. arrived in Dec. 1965 as part of the Task Force to Plieku with the 3rd Brigade of the 25th Inf.)

Departed Vietnam: 8 December 1970

Authorized Strength (Squadron)

1966 / 856
1968 / 852
1970 / 784

Squadron Motto:

 Paratus Et Fidelis (Prepared and Loyal)

Squadron Tune:

"Riders for the flag" by J P Sousa
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The 3d Squadron, 4th cavalry was the divisional ground reconnaissance squadron of the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam. The squadron was one of the first units to prove armor effectiveness in II Corps tactical Zone and thereafter engaged in contested route and convoy security along Highway 1. In January 1969 it became the first division squadron to receive the new M551 Sheridan assault vehicles. Troop D, an air cavalry troop, After the squadron departed Vietnam, continued to serve the division's separate 2d Brigade and later II Field Force, Vietnam. Finally these assets became the basis of Troop F, 4th Cavalry.

Updated Unit History - 3/4 Cav

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